Collection Agency Violates Telephone Consumer Protection Act

National Credit Adjusters, LLC Sued in Arizona for Violating Telephone Consumer Protection Act

My office recently filed suit against the Kansas collection agency National Credit Adjusters, LLC for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, or TCPA. The suit alleges that National Credit Adjusters repeatedly telephoned the consumer's cellular phone in an attempt to collect a debt allegedly owed by the prior owner of the phone number. An agency, like National Credit Adjusters, often will use an auto dialer to telephone a debt who has now changed phone numbers. The calls then go to the new owner of the number who does not owe the debt. In addition, the new owner of the number never gave National Credit Adjusters permission to call. So the calls all violate the TCPA

TCPA Provides Recovery of Damages fro Arizona Consumers

The TCPA provides the recovery of damages of either $500 for each negligent call or $1,500 for each willful call. So an Arizona Consumer who has been called 20 times on their cell phone for a debt which does not belong to them, may be able to assert a claim for damages between $10,000 and $30,000.