Debt Buyers typically buy old, written off, credit card debt in mass quantities from credit card lenders and previous debt buyers.  They pay less than the debt amount, and hope to be able to collect directly or via lawsuit the full amount of the original debt thereby creating a large profit. In 2004, the amount of consumer debt sold was about $50 billion dollars and the amount has been rising each year.

I help clients who have serious debt problems and specifically those that have been sued by a debt buyer,  in one of four ways.

Defense of the Debt Buyer Suit
 I can represent those who have been sued inexpensively and sometimes on a partial contingency fee basis. 

Suing the Debt Buyer under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or Fair Credit Reporting Act. 
The Debt Buyer may have violated the provisions of a federal or state consumer protection law.  If I find that they have, I may agree to sue the debt buyer on your behalf, or bring the claim as a counter suit.  I do not charge any attorney fee  in this type of case.  The defendant is typically required to pay those fees and costs when the plaintiff wins.  Threats of such suits should not be used to bully the debt buyer into settling but should be pursued if a legitimate violation exists.

A creditor may be suing you and instead of litigating you may wish to negotiate and avoid the court system.  I can negotiate a settlement.   

If you are facing a number of debts, bankruptcy may be an option that will allow you to deal with the entire situation and get a "fresh start".   Visit the Bankruptcy Questions and Answers section to read more about it.

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