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Concerns about Identity theft have swept the Nation, and understandably so. Identity theft can be a life altering experience.  Attempting to get your life back on track can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Typically, victims of identity theft discover what has happened when they look at the credit report after receiving a turned down credit application or by regular review, or they start to get collection calls on an account that does not belong to them.  They will notice fraudulent accounts opened in their name and credit card fraud, either for a credit card they never obtained for for purchases they never made.

Who are the victims? 

Anyone.  A thief only needs some basic information and they can open accounts.  Adults, children, infants and the deceased are often targeted.   Visit my blog's Identity Theft section to read more about victims of this type of crime.

What do I do?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act a debt that was never yours is difficult to prove.  There are some steps you can take including 1) filling out an identity theft fraud affidavit and 2) contacting the police and obtain a police report.

Once you have done both, you should consult with an attorney for assistance in tackling the task of clearing the credit report.  

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