There are signs all over the streets in Arizona offering credit repair services.  If you type in credit repair in Google, you will find hundreds as well.shred.gif  Most claim that they can clean your report for a fee.  Many of those most, claim to be able to remove accurate information related to your bankruptcy, foreclosure or tax lien.  Those that do are not being completely honest.

There are a few rules when it comes to repairing your credit report.

1.  Review it often.  You can visit my website page here that will direct you to the website where you can review all three of the major credit reports you have for free if you haven't pulled the report for 1 year.  I pay Equifax a small fee for the ability to see my report anytime.  This may be overkill for some, but it will help you keep your credit in the front of your mind.

2.  Maintain good records.

3.  Do not pay anyone to help you "clean" your report.  The process to remove inaccurate information is actually fairly simple.  To pay someone to do it makes no sense.  There are a number of talented credit attorneys who will help you for free.  Go here to see some basic steps to do so.  In fact there are ways to tell that the credit cleaning service you are using is not on the up and up.  The California Credit Law Blog, a service of the law firm of Kemnitzer Anderson et al  has a short blog about what to look for to avoid a rip off here

4.  Always contact the CRA first .  When you are disputing an incorrect item, always write a certified letter to the credit reporting agencies(s) and copy the creditor.  If you write the creditor, you will have lost some rights under the fair credit reporting act.

5.  Contact a Lawyer .  If you have contacted the credit reporting agencies and incorrect information still exists on the report, you may have a valid legal claim against the creditor and possibly the credit reporting agency as well.  These cases are usually taken on a contingency basis by the qualified counsel.

If you are having problems with your report as a result of a mixed up file, identify theft, or post bankruptcy issues, steer clear of the "non-attorney" "for a fee" help that is all over the place.  If you live in Arizona, contact me and I will speak to you for free.