Burney Simpson of insideARM.com is reporting on a Jackson County Missouri case wherein the Judge ordered a debt collector to pay a familyjudge%20and%20gavel.jpg $854,389.00 and their attorney fees for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. 

Mr. Simpson claims that the Judgement was a result of the Debt Collectors name calling, threats, harassing phone calls at home and work, and ignoring orders by the consumer's attorneys to stop the calls.  The collector was MRCA who had bought the debt from Citi.

Dolores Maddux was called "lazy," "fat," "inbred," "pathetic," "stupid," "black," and "deadbeat."

The Collectors also called Gilbert Maddux at home and work, despite being told to discontinue the calls, and even threatened to "bring four guys down from Topeka to take care of the situation."

One of the collectors falsely stated he was a sheriff to the consumers step-daughter; called a roommate of the step-daughter a racial slur; told the step-daughter to "get your lazy ass out of bed and take a message for Dolores to call us"; he also threatened co-workers of the stepdaughter.

MCRA also obtained the couples credit report without their permission.

If a Debt Collector has been calling you or your family names, lying to you, calling your friends, family or work, or taking a look at your actual credit report without your permission, you may be entitled to statutory damages, actual damages and your attorney fees.  Contact my office and we can talk about your situation for free.