Bank of America Sues Arizona Consumer for Deficiency on Home Purchase Mortgage

Bank of America sued an Arizona consumer seeking a judgment for over $100,000 for a deficiency on a mortgage used to purchase the family's home which was lost to foreclosure.

According to court records, Bank of American and other mortgage companies and their servicers have filed dozens of lawsuits against Arizona consumers seeking to illegally collect deficiencies on mortgages where the homes have been foreclosed.

Arizona's anti-deficiency law protects consumers from such collection actions.  If the mortgage was used to purchase the home here in Arizona, then the mortgage company cannot collect any deficiency balance against the consumer. 

These lawsuits are illegal and violate both state and federal law. 

Arizona attorney Floyd W. Bybee of BYBEE LAW CENTER, PLC has represented hundreds of Arizona consumers in actions under state and federal law. 

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