Do You Need an Arizona Consumer Lawyer?

If you are an Arizona consumer who has been abused or harassed by a collection agency, or been sued on a delinquent credit card account or auto deficiency balance, then a consultation with an Arizona lawyer with experience in consumer protection law is important.

I am surprised by the number of Arizona consumers who tell me that the other lawyers they have consulted with advise them that even though the collection agency, car dealer, credit bureau, etc. has abused them, committed fraud, or otherwise violated their rights under the law, they are told by these same lawyers that nothing can really be done–that it costs too much to pursue the claim. Even when the consumer has been sued on an old credit card debt or an auto deficiency balance, these lawyers tell the consumers to try to settle the claim by offering to pay the debt buyer money even though the consumer has a complete statute of limitation defense to the lawsuit.

Should you consult an Arizona consumer lawyer? The answer is yes. Consult with a lawyer not only experienced in consumer law, but one who has practiced in the Arizona courts and is familiar with the local judges and local attorneys on the other side. Know what your rights are.

Experience counts! ARIZONA experience counts even more!!!

If you need a consultation regarding a consumer issue, please call Mesa, Arizona consumer attorney Floyd W. Bybee at the BYBEE LAW CENTER, PLC (480) 756-8822.