FDCPA or Bankruptcy? Remedies for Arizona Debtors to Stop Collection Abuse and Harassment.

Both the FDCPA and Bankruptcy give Arizona consumers possible remedies for stopping collection harassment and abuse.  The FDCPA allows Arizona consumers to recover damages from third party collectors who have harassed them, thus usually stopping any continued harassment.  Bankruptcy, on the other hand, usually stops collection harassment with an injunction against all collection activity. (I say usually, as sometimes the harassment continues even after filing bankruptcy)

Many Arizona debtors find that they need to file for bankruptcy, but do not have the money needed to pay the lawyer’s fee up front.  Some law firms will sign up the client, but do not file the bankruptcy case until all the lawyer’s fees have been paid — sometimes as much as $2,000 - $3,000 — which may take up to six months or more to pay.  In the meantime, the collection harassment continues with no apparent remedy.

Use Both FDCPA and Bankruptcy!

My experience has been that many Arizona debtors have one or more existing claims against third party debt collectors by the time they meet with a bankruptcy lawyer.  Under the FDCPA, the consumer is entitled to recover damages, including statutory damages of up to $1,000, from the violating collection agency.  If pursued, these FDCPA cases may provide the additional money needed to pay the bankruptcy lawyer’s fees.  So, by using the FDCPA, Arizona consumers are able to ultimately file their bankruptcy cases sooner, and with less money directly out of their own pocket.

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