Defending a Lawsuit filed by Autovest, LLC


Have you been sued by Autovest, LLC?

Autovest has filed hundreds of lawsuits against Arizona debtors to collect deficiency balances on vehicles which were repossessed years ago. In many of the cases I have seen, the statute of limitations has passed. Meaning, you would have a complete defense to Autovest’s claim. Under Arizona law, an automobile lender generally has only four years after the repossession to file suit to collect any remaining balance. If it waits four years and 1 day, it is too late and you can get the case dismissed. 
Why then would Autovest sue on accounts which are Past the Statute of Limitations?

One might wonder why Autovest would sue someone on a debt if it knew the statute of limitations had run. Well, under the rules in Arizona courts, if you – the debtor – do not answer the lawsuit and raise the defense of statute of limitation, the defense is waived, meaning Autovest can get a judgment which it can then collect on. 
What should I do?

First off, do no wait to get help. If you wait too long, then Autovest can get its judgment and you will have to pay the old debt. 
Second, make sure you contact an experienced consumer lawyer in your state to assist you. If the statute of limitations has run, some consumer lawyers will agree to defend these Autovest cases with little or no cost to you.
Third, make sure you are not one of Autovest’s victims. Get help now!