1.  You will have to give up your vehicles if you file.

2.  The IRS will audit all of your prior tax returns if you file.

3.  The Court will take all of your property.

4.  You can no longer stop foreclosure by filing.

5.  If you file all bank and tax records will be audited.

6.  You must pass written tests to file and to receive a discharge.

7.  You must pass a lie detector test to complete the bankruptcy.

8.  You will never receive another tax refund.

9.  You are no longer allowed to file at all.

10.  You cannot discharge any credit card debt.

11.  You cannot discharge any tax debt. 

12.  If you file for bankruptcy you will no longer receive any new credit, ever.

13.  You can never own a home if you have filed for bankruptcy.

14.  You do not have to list all of your debt if you file.  You can pick and choose.

15.  If your former spouse files on a joint debt, that bankruptcy will discharge your obligation to pay it.

16.  You don't have to list all of your property.

17.  If the property is owned by you and the bill is in your name but a friend or relative uses it and or pays for it you don't have to list it.

18.  Only the rich can afford to file.

19.  Back child support can be discharged in bankruptcy.

20.  You don't need a lawyer, it is just about filling out some forms.

21.  You should max out your credit cards just before you file.

22.  If you give your property away just before you file, the property will be safe.  

23.  You must give up your home if you file.

24.  Everyone will know I have filed for bankruptcy.

25.  All debts are wiped out in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

26.  If you are married both spouses have to file.

27.  Only dead beats file.

28.  I don't want to include certain creditors in my filing because it's important to me to pay them back someday and if the debt is wiped away I can't repay it.

29.  Filing bankruptcy will improve my credit score because all of the debt will be gone.

30.  You can only file once.