BANKRUPTCY CODE SECTION 523 - No Discharge of Certain Debts

A Creditor can object to the discharge of individual debts in a chapter 7.  Certain debts are not dischargeable under section 523 of the Bankruptcy Code.  These include but are not limited to  1) Debts for certain taxes,  2) debts arising from false pretenses, false representation, actual fraud or false financial statements 3) debts for certain lixury goods and cash advances 4) debts that a debtor fails to list in the bankruptcy schedules 5) debts arising from fraud, embezzlement or larceny 6)  debts for spousal or child maintenance and other obligations arising out of a divorce proceeding, 7)  student loans 8) restitution orders 9) debts arising from willful and malicious injury 10) certain condo or cooperative fees incurred after filing 11) obligations arising from death or injury caused by dui

When the debt is excepted from the discharge the debtor remains liable.

Please contact an experienced debt attorney if you are considering bankruptcy as a result of one of these types of debts.  You may be wasting your time.